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A welcome from the Head of Faculty, Mrs Beange

We are a highly successful faculty, described as ‘outstanding’ by Ofsted in 2012, and we aim to encourage all our students to enjoy the subject as much as we do. We strive to create an atmosphere where students enjoy learning, coming to lessons as active participants. Our English team are all subject specialists with a love of the subject and of teaching.

With an excellent level of achievement in all national examinations, we believe that high expectations of our pupils are vital. Our teaching is intellectually rigorous, whilst encouraging individual creativity and response in all pupils. After their years with us, we expect pupils to gain the highest grades of which they are capable and to have developed an appreciation, preferably a love, of literature and the use of language.

There is close liaison with the Learning Support Faculty to identify and help those pupils who have special educational needs. This enables them to access the curriculum successfully at all Key Stages.

Key Stage 3

(Year 7, Year 8 and Year 9)

Click on the link to download our curriculum plan for each year group. These plans detail what pupils will learn each term and how they will be assessed, as well as common misconceptions and key vocabulary. 

Key Stage 4

(Year 10 and Year 11)

Click on the link below to download the curriculum plan for KS4 English.

Recommended Reading Lists

Our Librarian has put together recommended reading lists for students based on genre and year group. If you're looking for something new to read, download our reading booklet below.

Sheldon gave me confidence in my abilities and supported my ambitions. Going to a state school has many benefits over private in terms of real-world experience and being friends with a varied group of students. This has helped me in my life since school.
Joe Keighley - A Radiology Registrar in Brighton who will be starting as a Consultant Radiologist at the RUH in 2023.