Gold Award - Year 12

Attention Gold DofE Participants: If you would like to borrow kit for the 2024 Expedition, please click here or scroll down to fill out the Kit Request Form.

The Duke of Edinburgh Gold Award is for students entering Year 12. It takes a minimum of 12 months to complete, or 18 months if you have not completed your Silver award. The Gold Award involves completion of 12 months of volunteering. For your physical and skill sections you will need to choose one to complete in 12 months, the other 6 months.

The 4-Day, 3-Night expedition is organised by Sheldon School in year 12 and the start of year 13.You will need to attend expedition training sessions and take part in a practice expedition to complete the award

The Gold Award also included a residential section. You will need to organise a shared activity in a residential setting away from home for 5 days and 4 nights with people you don’t know. This must be done with an organised group, registered charity or Approved Activity Provider. It provides an excellent opportunity to broaden your experiences away from home. We recommend completing your residential section between Year 12 and Year 13 to give you the best opportunity to complete the award.

To complete the gold award you must do 12 months volunteering. For physical and skills you must choose one to do for 12 months and the other for 6 months. There is a 4 day and 3 night expedition. Additionally there is a 5 day and 4 night residential section. If you didn't do the silver, you must do a further 6 months in either the volunteering or the longer of the physical or skills section.



If your child would like to take on the challenge of the Gold Duke of Edinburgh Award please make a payment of £45 by Friday 13 October 2023. Payments can be made through ParentPay.

Initial Payment: £45, includes DofE registration fee, license fee cost and insurance

Practice & Qualifying Expeditions:  approx £100 per expedition, includes transport, campsite fees 

We try hard to keep the expedition costs as low as possible. The total cost for the award should not be more than £250. If you need any assistance with payments, please get in touch.

Expedition Dates

Practice Expedition: Thursday 4 July – Sunday 7 July 2024

Qualifying Expedition: September/October 2024 (start of Year 13)

There will also be expedition training session scheduled throughout the year, dates TBD