Year 9 Language Options

In Term 5 of Year 8, students will choose the language they want to study in Year 9 - French, German or Spanish. This is a great opportunity to study a language in further depth and will prepare you for studying Modern Foreign Languages at GCSE and A Level. 

Year 9 MFL Language Options 2024

Fill out the form below to select your Year 9 language by Friday 26 April.

If you need any help, please speak to any language teacher.

Why do I need a language?

  • It will show people that you can think and learn in a particular way.
  • At GCSE it is useful to have a range of types of subjects.
  • It can help you get that apprenticeship, job or college place instead of someone else who doesn’t have these in-demand skills.

What happens in Year 9?

  • You will have 6 lessons a fortnight.
  • You will focus your time on ONE language.
  • Your Year 9 language is the one you will carry on with in Years 10 and 11, if you choose to continue with MFL.

How should I choose?

  • Think about the language you find easier to learn.
  • Which one do you feel you are likely to do best in?
  • Think about what is best for YOU in the long run.
  • Don’t choose because of friends or teachers.
  • Talk about it at home and with your languages teachers.Think about which language you have support in at home (an older sibling/a parent)
  • If you don’t mind which, that’s fine, we can choose for you.

What if I like both languages?

  • Great, let us make the choice for you. Everybody will do ONE not both languages.

What happens once I have chosen?

  • As long as staffing and timetabling will allow, you  will be given your first choice.
  • MFL staff will re-set the year group based on numbers and ability in agreement with the Head Of Year.
  • You will continue with BOTH languages until  you get your new year 9 timetables.

Who do I ask for help?

  • Your languages teachers know you well, speak to them
  • Talk to your tutor
  • You will have talked about your subject likes and dislikes with your family, ask them to go through the decision with you.


My favourite teacher was Mr Girvan. It was impossible not to absolutely love English if he taught it. He was just the nicest human being and he never raised his voice at our class once and I had him for years from year 8 to year 12.
Kirsty Wang - Medical student at Bristol University