Exam Information


AS and A level / Level 3 results on Thursday 18 August 2022 at 0830 in the Sixth Form Study Area.

GCSE / Level 2 results (including Year 9 Film Studies and Year 10 Further Maths) on Thursday 25 August 2022 at 0830 in the Sixth Form Study Area.

Uncollected results will be posted home via first class mail on results days.  If a student is not available to collect their results and wishes these to be emailed or passed to someone else, we require prior written student consent.  This can be provided via email from the student's school account.  Unfortunately we do not provide results information over the telephone.

Post Results Services:

An explanation of the post-results services can be found in the JCQ guidance here.

Students must complete a form and consent to any post results services these can be found below for GCE/L3 and for GCSE/L2 qualifications.  Please note fees and deadlines apply to all services.  If paying via ParentPay please select the "Exam Fees and Post Results" payment item.

Post Results GCSE

POST Results GCE

Access to scripts - Student Consent

Public Exam timetables

Timetable information can be found on the links below.  It is important to note that public timetabled exams are conducted on the same date and time nationally, so cannot be moved.  If a student is unable to attend an exam, the school should be contacted as a matter of urgency.

Student timetables for the summer exam season are normally distrubuted prior to the Easter break.  The dates for the summer 2023 exam series have not been published yet, but these normally run from mid-May through towards the end of June.  Exam boards expect to finalise the overall dates by the autumn of 2022.


- Eduqas (Welsh Board)


- Pearson (Edexcel)



Summer 2022 certificates will be available to students in November, and we aim to distribute all of these by Christmas.  We do urge students to collect their certificates as schools are required to destroy them after a year.

Y13 leavers' certificates are normally available for collection at the Christmas reunion. If not collected then, they will be posted home using the recorded delivery service.

Exam board results certificates are important legal documents and should be retained carefully.  If certificates have been lost, and exam board documentation is required, information on how to do this can be found here.  Exam boards do charge for this service.  In some cases, depending upon date, the school can provide proof of attainment from our records.

Regulation of Exams

Most exams at Sheldon are regulated by JCQ, the Joint Council for Qualifications.  This body is responsible for the framework around how exams and other assessments are conducted.  More information can be found here.

It is important that students are aware of the expectations and responsibilities with regard to exams.  All JCQ regulations for candidates can be found here.

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