Physical Education

The following staff teach in the Physical Education (PE) Faculty. If you have a specific concern about your child's academic progress or have a question about homework, please get in touch with their class teacher. You may also wish to speak with the Head of Girls or Boys PE, Head of PE or the member of the Leadership Team with responsibility for the faculty.

Physical Education Faculty Team

Head of PE: Mr Rob Humphreys,

Head of Boys PE: Mr Chris Slater,

Head of Girls PE: Miss Jennifer Brightmore,

Senior Leader with Responsibility for PE: Miss Sian Mundy,

ID Code
Mrs Katherine Avent KAA
Miss Jennifer Brightmore JZB
Mr Liam Burcombe LJB
Mr Robert Humphreys RDH
Mr Hayden Johnson HJJ
Miss Megan Kilbane MAK
Miss Emma Langdon EXL

Mrs Elinor Paish

Mrs Selina Porter SPP
Mr Chris Salter CMS
Mr Callum Wolf CRW