Enrichment, Clubs and Trips

Whether your enjoy sport, drama, art, computing or games--you'll find something to spark your interests at Sheldon! We have a strong tradition of learning outside the classroom and have many opportunities for young people to further their interests though enrichment activities, clubs and trips.


We are always looking for ways to enrich our curriculum at Sheldon with additional opportunities to learn. This may involve guest speakers and educators who bring subjects alive through demonstrations, performances and competitions. It can also include opportunities to learn valuable life skills through challenging programmes like the Ten Tors Challenge and Duke of Edinburgh Awards. We also have ways for students to further engage with subjects they are passionate about through our Sheldon Ambassador roles for students interested in Sports, Languages, Science and DT.


We offer a number of Lunchtime and After School Clubs. These may change throughout the year depending on what is happening in school. Students can find out more information about clubs from their tutor and can often sign up via epraise.

Lunch Clubs - Term 5 & 6


String Group (All Years)

Reptile Club (Y7)

Chess Club (All Years)

Brass Group (All Years)

Christian Union (All Years)

Allotment Club (All Years)

Puzzle Club (All Years)

DofE Drop In (Y9-13)

Board Games (All Years)

Wellbeing Club (Y7)

  Inclusivity Group (All Years) Allotment Club (All Years) Allotment Club (All Years) Allotment Club (All Years)
  Sixth Form Investment Club (Y12)      
  Flute Group (All Years)      
  History Surgery (Y10-13)      
  Allotment Club (All Years)      


After School Clubs - Term 5 & 6

Music Tech Club (All Years) KS4 Chemistry Club (Y10-11) KS3 Science Club (Y7-9) Dance Club (Y7-8) KS3 Dance Company (Y7-9)
Pokemon Club (All Years) Allotment Club (All Years) KS3 Art Club (Y7-9) KS4/5 Art & Photography Club (Y10-13) Next Steps Crochet (All Years)
Badminton (All Years, Boys & Girls) Sheldon Singers (All Years) Ukulele Club (All Years) The Sheldonian Newspaper Club (All Years)  
  Learn to Crochet (All Years) Drama Club (All Years) Orchestra (All Years)  
  KS4/5 Photography (Y10-13) Graphics Club (Y11) GCSE Dance Taster Club (Y9)  
  KS4 Dance Company (Y10-11)  Athletics (All Years, Boys & Girls) Book Club (Y7)  
  Ten Tors Training (Y9-13)    Cricket (Y7-8, Boys)  
  Softball (Y7-8, Boys)   Softball (Y9-10, Boys)  
  Cricket & Rounders (Y7-8, Girls)   Rounders (Y9-10, Girls)  
  Cricket (Y9-10, Boys & Girls)   Tennis (All Years, Boys & Girls)  


The Newspaper Club meets Thursdays after school in E8 with Mrs Pickup. Read all about life at school in their paper, The Sheldonian.



  The Sheldonian -- Issue 5 -- November 2023


School trips are a very memorable part of student life. We offer students opportunities to further their understanding of the world around them through trips to museums, galleries, performances and science lectures. We have also offered students the opportunity to travel abroad through language, history, geography and art trips to Germany, Netherlands, Spain and Belgium.

We also have opportunities for students to challenge themselves through the outdoor adventure Plas Pencelli trip and our annual ski trip.