Homework Survey Result

22 Apr 24

Thank you to all the parents and carers that participated in our recent homework survey. Our staff are working to improve consistency in logging homework as complete or incomplete. We will respond to parent queries from the survey in the coming weeks.

Parent and career survey results:
• 94% agree that the new ePraise homework add on is easy to navigate
• 94% agree that deadlines and what has been set is clear for their child
• 97% agree that homework is now set more regularly
• 78% agree that their child is more engaged with homework
• 94% agree that knowing more facts is beneficial to their child’s progress

Sheldon gave me confidence in my abilities and supported my ambitions. Going to a state school has many benefits over private in terms of real-world experience and being friends with a varied group of students. This has helped me in my life since school.
Joe Keighley - A Radiology Registrar in Brighton who will be starting as a Consultant Radiologist at the RUH in 2023.