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Student Voice

ALL Sheldon pupils are encouraged to play an active role in influencing major decisions that have an impact on their day-to-day experiences. This is facilitated through the tutor representative system.

MOST pupils will choose to take on a leadership role within their tutor group and become a tutor representative at least once. For each term, there are two tutor representatives per tutor group and twenty per year group.  Tutor group representatives meet with the Head of Year and the rest of the representatives once a week. Information is shared and opinion is sought. Representatives are responsible for communicating outcomes of these meetings to their tutor groups and for collecting opinion when required.

SOME pupils will choose to become student council representatives and year group elections are held each year.  Student Council meets at least once every half term to discuss outcomes of research or items brought for discussion.  Pupils are involved in a range of issues ranging from teaching and learning approaches, commissioning garden design contractors, and choosing décor for facilities improvement such as our fantastic, award winning refectory.

Sheldon's Student Council is made up of: 


Yr 7

Year 7

We are your year 7 school council representatives. We consider ourselves to be able to best represent both the concerns and values of our year. Being school council representatives is a big responsibility for us both, but also provides a fun, interesting and rewarding opportunity to help improve Sheldon.


Yr 8

Year 8

Being on the school council team is a huge privilege and a massive responsibility for us. We will make sure that everyone has a say in what both the year and school will take action in regardless of the issue. We are positive that this year’s school council will make a good impact on the already great school Sheldon is. We are both very happy for this incredible opportunity and will take this role with pride.


yr 9

Year 9

As School Council representatives for Year 9, we will try our hardest to represent the voice of all students from our year group and ensure that Sheldon School continues to be a great place for pupils to learn and have fun. We hope to bring new and interesting ideas to the School Council as well as sharing feedback and opinions from our peers in Year 9.


yr 10

Year 10

We both see the School Council as an opportunity to help and represent our year in order to contribute ideas which benefit the school for everyone. We aim to make a positive impact on the School by applying all our skills to our roles and to co-operating with the charity reps and tutor reps to gain a wider perspective on concerns and to ensure all interests are attended to. Therefore, any problems highlighted can be dealt with in the most efficient way so that a positive environment at Sheldon School can be constructed where all can reach their full potential.


yr 11

Year 11

One of our primary roles is to lead a team of 77 Prefects, who are essential when maintaining the smooth running of the school. We are also a link between the teachers and the pupils; the Head Boy and Girl have a duty to be the voice of the students, and convey to the Senior Management Team any suggestions to improve pupils’ wellbeing. We discuss school affairs with Mr Spurdell during lunchtime meetings, which are held every half-term. Recognising the importance of having an influential student voice, we are motivated to champion students’ ideas to improve school life for everyone.


yr 14

Year 13

We are the Sixth Form President and Vice-President. We lead the school council in addition to leading the Sixth Form student council, listening to both upper and lower school students about their views on their Sheldon experiences, and taking action on their valuable comments. Our main points of focus are to help modernise the Sixth Form and to provide and ensure great opportunities and an engaging learning experience for years 7-11.