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Student Voice

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ALL Sheldon pupils are encouraged to play an active role in influencing major decisions that have an impact on their day-to-day experiences. This is facilitated through the tutor representative system.

MOST pupils will choose to take on a leadership role within their tutor group and become a tutor representative at least once. For each term, there are two tutor representatives per tutor group and twenty per year group.  Tutor group representatives meet with the Head of Year and the rest of the representatives once a week. Information is shared and opinion is sought. Representatives are responsible for communicating outcomes of these meetings to their tutor groups and for collecting opinion when required.

SOME pupils will choose to become student council representatives and year group elections are held each year.  Student Council meets at least once every half term to discuss outcomes of research or items brought for discussion.  Pupils are involved in a range of issues ranging from teaching and learning approaches, commissioning garden design contractors and choosing décor for facilities improvement such as our fantastic, award-winning refectory.

Sheldon's Student Council is made up of: 


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Year 7

I am Amy. I have recently been chosen to represent year 7 in the school Council. I am glad that I have this role as I believe I can help the school. I enjoy having responsibilities like this and I like helping people as well as solving problems. I am also hoping that doing this job and getting involved with the school will improve my confidence. I will also be able to give up my time in order to help and assist anyone when needed.

My name is Lawrence and I decided to apply for the School Council because I want to make a difference and I want to help people. I have promised to do my best, feedback information and work closely with fellow tutor reps and with our Deputy Head and Head of Year to make peoples’ experiences at school the best they can be.



Year 8

Ayla - I wanted to be part of the school council to project student voice at Sheldon school; this means tackling all aspects of school life and working out what we like and what we want to improve. As I am now one of our year 8 school council representative, I will get involved and make sure everyone is heard and every opinion is taken up in our meetings. Please don’t be afraid to come up to me and give an idea you have.

Milo - I have always wanted to be a school counsellor, so now that I am one I feel so happy! I was once a school counsellor at my primary school, and I loved being able to have a say in what was going to happen around the school. So, when I heard that there were applications for Sheldon’s school council, I knew that I had to do it! I also really like to voice other people's ideas and opinions on what they would do to make the school a better place. I believe that everyone should be heard.


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Year 9

Molly - I wanted to be on school council so I can influence school life for better. I also wanted to represent my year group and be a role model to other students. I have always wanted to have this privilege and I am very grateful to be a part of it.


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Year 10

Anna - I want to be a member of the school council to help others and voice as many opinions as possible, we are going into GCSEs and I want to make sure the school is aware of our year groups feelings, issues and wishes on school-wide topics as well as issues affecting our year. Our school is great and I aspire to highlight and help make changes in a positive manner over the next year.

Annabelle - I have always wanted to have a role of responsibility in the school as I feel that I have strong opinions and can voice others as well. I also felt that it would be very rewarding having friends and classmates come up to you to and tell you what they like and dislike about the school, as it would feel like you could make a change.


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Year 11

Luke - I was keen to be on the school council as Head Boy because I wanted to represent not only the voice of the Year 11 group but also the whole of the lower school. I believe that the position entails lots of responsibility and leadership and I’d love to reflect that in the way I communicate with students and teachers, represent the student body and hold a leading role in the school community.

Lucy - I wanted to be in the school council because I view it as a rewarding responsibility in which I could bring positive and beneficial contribution to the school. In the role, I see it as a part of my duty to help to the best of my ability to construct a school with a happy environment for all individuals and highlight opportunities to develop and maintain the school’s excellence in all sectors. All these elements contribute to the success of Sheldon and to be a part of that is a very satisfying feeling.


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Year 13

Hughie - As sixth form president, I am looking to effectively and efficiently manage the school council by acting as a leader and role-model. My hopes for the school council are that we can identify the changes that students want and debate their plausibility, but also to identify the aspects of Sheldon that Students enjoy and keep them in place. Personally, I chose to run for sixth form president as it was a great pathway to undertake in order to build my leadership skills and my ability to represent and implement not only my own needs but the needs of others as well.

Lexi - I applied for sixth form presidency because I think it's incredibly important to give students a voice and to help them to have an impact on the school that they will spend 5-7 years in. I want to bridge the slight gap that exists between the students and their school council, ensuring that everyone is fully aware of any changes that might be made and why. I’ve really enjoyed my time at Sheldon so far and I want to give back to the school in any way I can, I couldn’t be happier to be vice president.