Flying Start Challenge

9 Nov 23

Students in Year 9 participated in the Flying Start Challenge today -- a STEM competition for schools in the Southwest run by five aerospace companies. During their science lessons, the students learned all about the dynamics of flight and then worked in small groups to create the perfect paper airplane. Later in the session they had a competition to see which paper airplanes flew furthest. Some soared out the school hall and through the foyer (much to the confusion of passing staff members!) The top flyers will advance to the next level of the competition next week -- to design, build and test a glider. 

Sheldon gave me confidence in my abilities and supported my ambitions. Going to a state school has many benefits over private in terms of real-world experience and being friends with a varied group of students. This has helped me in my life since school.
Joe Keighley - A Radiology Registrar in Brighton who will be starting as a Consultant Radiologist at the RUH in 2023.