Defibrillator Donation

16 Jan 24
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Sheldon School recently donated a spare defibrillator to a local business community.

After receiving new defibrillators from the Department for Education last summer, we had two spare devices that were purchased independently by the school. Rather than send the defibrillators to recycling, we decided to donate it to a community space that could use the life-saving devices. We are very pleased to donate one of our defibrillators to the FitzGraham Academy of Dance in Pewsham.

The busy school has over 230 students ranging from ages 18 months to 82 years and is one of the many businesses in the Cricketts Lane Industrial Park that provide activities and services including a boxing gym, martial arts studio, music school, therapy, health care providers and auto mechanics. 

Principle of FitzGram Academy of Dance, Rebecca Petty Fitzmaurice, said "the addition of a defibrillator at the very least would provide peace of mind to the business owners and their employees, knowing that a quick response could save the life of a child or adult under their care." The businesses of Cricketts Lane will now be fundraising to purchase a cabinet for the defibrillator so that it can be stored outside where it is accessible for all.

Sheldon really was a key influence on how I drove my career forward. Yes, there are ups & downs through school life but keeping focussed is the main thing and if you really want to make it happen - you can. I am proof!
Mark Wood - Managing Director at Horizon Beauty for Future Cosmetics - Barcelona