Y13 Win Spring Sixth Form Varsity

28 Mar 24

Congratulations to Y13 for winning the Sixth Form Varsity!

It was a hard fought battle to reclaim the title from Y12 who won it during the Winter competition. The Sixth Form students competed across 5 different sports including badminton, volleyball, football, rugby and hockey. They were cheered on by their fellow students who enjoyed the afternoon of friendly competition on a cold, but thankfully dry afternoon!

A special recognition goes to the Y13 girls volleyball team who have competed together in every Varsity since they joined Sheldon Sixth Form! We're planning on holding another Varsity event in the Summer Term, will Y13 be able to hold on to the title before they leave our school or will Y12 claim it back?

Sheldon gave me confidence in my abilities and supported my ambitions. Going to a state school has many benefits over private in terms of real-world experience and being friends with a varied group of students. This has helped me in my life since school.
Joe Keighley - A Radiology Registrar in Brighton who will be starting as a Consultant Radiologist at the RUH in 2023.