Year 9 Trip to Oxford

14 Dec 23
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Last week a group of 48 Year 9 students attended the Christmas lectures at Oxford University Natural History Museum. The students heard about evolutionary drivers on islands and how they are homes to the most unusual species from a member of the Earth Science Department. In the second lecture, George McGavin shared his enthusiasm for trees--in particular the oak tree, a subject he presented a series on for BBC. He told us that a mature oak can be home for up to 470 different species of insects!

In the break students were able to browse the museum and look at the exhibits including a 4.7 billion year old meteorite and a dodo. They also had an opportunity to get some hands-on experience with stick insects and hissing cockroaches, as well as make a shark Christmas tree decoration. The students were a real credit to Sheldon and a good day was had by all!

We'd like to get feedback from parents and students on the event. If you have a moment, please use this link to submit your views on the trip. 

Make the most of everything Sheldon offers as there is so much to do compared to other schools and you can learn so much in so many fields.
Rob Horn - Rackets Professional and Assistant Housemaster